We Made a Dress for The Oscars!

Updated: May 28

A huge bucket list goal was ticked back in April, when we had the honour of dressing Pippa Erlich for the Oscars in Hollywood. Pippa is the director of My Octopus Teacher, an incredible South African documentary which WON in its category of Best Documentary Feature! I am over the moon to have been a part of this wonderful achievement, and absolutely loved creating Pippa's Oscars dress for her.

When I first chatted to Pippa, she wanted a dress that referenced the kelp forest where My Octopus Teacher was filmed. I immediately thought of this olive green sequin fabric that I had seen in a local fabric store (and luckily got the last of the fabric on the roll) that would simultaneously reference the deep green of the kelp forest and the light refracting off the surface of the water. I wanted to create a mermaidy feel with the dress, so we went for a sleek silhouette and narrow skirt with a flared hem. To create some depth and texture, we draped the sequins over the plunging v-neck bodice.

Congratulations to the team behind My Octopus Teacher for winning the Oscar for Best Documentary! And I'd like to say a big thank you to Pippa for trusting me in the whirlwind week we had to create this gown.

Dress: Sadie Bosworth Atelier

Stylist: Cristina Erlich

HMUA: Olaf Derling

Credit: Vanity Fair, Photographer: Quil Lemons

Credit (all four above): AFP, Getty Images, Photographer: Chris Pizzello

Credit: A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images