Prepping For Your Bridal Fitting

Bridal fittings are such an exciting part of getting married. It all begins to feel so real as you watch your dream dress slowly but surely come to life. However, fittings can also be overwhelming. To ease your nerves, we have compiled a list of do's and don'ts that will help make your fittings as comfortable, productive and enjoyable as possible.

DO: have a realistic budget in mind

And communicate this to your designer or boutique first!

Don’t: attend too many different fittings in one day

Bridal fittings can be quite draining, both physically and mentally. It’s best to not overwhelm yourself when you’re making such a big decision ‑ stick to one or two fittings on any given day if you have a lot of options! Make sure to take pictures if you are allowed to. You can look at them afterwards once the excitement of the fitting is over, with a glass of wine and a clear head.

Do: bring your heels

We do have a few pairs of heels in our studio for you to use when trying on gowns, but we encourage you to bring the pair you plan on wearing on the day if you already have them.

Do: wear nude undies

Just as you would on the day, it’s a good idea to wear nude undies so that they won’t be noticeable under your gown.

Don’t: bring too many people to your fitting

Your bridal fitting should be about you and your dream dress, and sometimes too many opinions from loved ones can become overwhelming for you as the bride.

Do: bring reference pictures

We love to see what sort of aesthetic you envision for your gown, so please bring along any reference pictures that you may have!

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