Kim & Jeff

When Kim and I first started speaking about her wedding dress last year, she said she was unsure she would feel comfortable in a white or light-coloured gown, as she pretty much only wears black in her day-to-day. After trying on a few dresses in the studio, we both decided that a dark dress would be a better reflection of her taste and style. The outcome was this two-piece gown made with black pleated georgette, with a sheer top and high neck.

The most important thing about your wedding dress is that YOU love it, and that it makes you feel like the best and most beautiful version of yourself. Don’t let too many opinions, traditions and ideas of what other people might think dissuade you from wearing something makes YOU the happiest.

It was such a pleasure to design this unique dress!

Photography: Philip Hewitson

Hair: Guy Kleinhaus

Flowers: Chelsea Ann Weyer, The Nursey